You are on my mind ;)


In all the years of my life and all the people I have met, I only remember a few. Not because I wanted to forget them, but because I couldn’t remember them.

Voice, oh my God! A smooth voice with correct pronunciation are the first things that attract me toward a person. I have a friend who’s voice was literally smooth as silk, although I never liked her very much, but every time she speaks, I just listen to her amazing tone, pronunciation and style. Same thing happens for guys too. A masculine voice with perfect pronunciation… a dreamy combination in a guy.

Then what? Foolishly enough, for me, it’s the smell. Although if the person is not particularly “good smelling”, I can’t remember it. But when I smell the same perfume or cologne the next time anywhere in the world, I keep thinking about that person. Only for this reason, when I live far from my mum, I spray Elizabeth Arden Red Door a couple of times on my pillow and I feel she is there with me. I do the same thing with Oud perfume on my coats to remind me of my dad. But the worst thing that happens with this is that I also remember the bad things a person did to me when I smell the same perfume/cologne he used to wear. Ralph Lauren Romance, you are ruined for me!

Then I take a look at what the other person is wearing, but to be honest, if the other person is a girl and she is not wearing a super fancy dress, then I am not bothered about that. But if the girl is wearing Saree, to be specific, a classic Saree like Vanarasi or Kanjipuram, I get stuck with it. And if that is a guy, then if he has a good physique and wearing formal, well-fitted clothes, then that guy is sketched on my mind forever. Otherwise… who cares! It’s not that I like guys wearing formal clothes all the time, but to remember him, well-fitted formal get up really helps me.

The next thing that I really adore about fit people are the shoulder blades. As a medical student, I know how significant the shoulder blade or scapula bones are. But when a well fitted shirt/t-shirt wearing guy walks with his magnificent back, it literally takes away my attention. For girls, I actually don’t feel such excitement, but it’s good as well. Another physical thing about guys, when they walk and their elbows make an angle with their bodies, a slight bend at the joint… that looks so good to me. It happens quite often that I see a guy somewhere and I see the perfect shoulder blades poking at his back, the perfect angle his elbows make… and then he turns around and that is a 60 year old guy! smh

Weird things!


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